Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

Four small books

about Roma people traveling EU to make a living. A well done work by Gothenburg photographer Joakim Roos who true the life of these people make me understand that we are all the same but different. But different don’t mean that we have different needs, all people have the same need of safety and a way to make an income for them self and there family. We can’t make it illegal to be poor and by that think we solved the problem. We have far more criminal behaviour among the richest groups in our society where greed are the strongest force. Kicking on the weakest are never the right way to go. On my office wall I have an old patch saying ”Keep warm, burn out the rich”, if you push things to far that can be a reality. Joakims photography are great but it’s the written story and the interaction between Joakim and the people he meet that moves me the most, or is it the combination, photojournalism at it’s best.

In these Corona times a good way to support working photographer is to buy their work, you can find him on Facebook and order from there.

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