Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

Looking back

on some pictures with potential:) I have some themes in my head that I want to follow up, well not only one there are a lot of ideas I have that could do good as a theme. My biggest obstacle are my ability to focus on one thing and make an end to it. Usually my ideas are all over the place and I jump from one to another. Printing are a good way to make some structure to it with piles on different subjects that I can go trough and see what works and not. My workflow are to first print a contact sheet and from there pick the best to print on 13×18 RC paper and from there pick what I want to make as a FB print. The 13×18 are a good size to lay out on a table and see what works together and what is waste. This time of the year it’s hard to find time for darkroom work, it’s high season for my work as photographer. Just digital and the tempo are high, it’s hard to slow down from that and do my other stuff so until then I pick and see what works for me.

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