Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

First test done

of the Foma papers I got on Friday. I got three different paper stocks to check out. All prints was made with filter 2,5 and in Ilford MG developer. Pictures are taken with iPhone so the color are not that accurate but on the group picture I think it’s kind of correct in an artistic way. I’m no scientist;)

Fomaspeed Variat 311 RC paper in the size 13×18. Must say I’m very pleased with it. Easy to print and everything from deep black to white with a cooler tone. I make test print and give away print on RC, until now on Ilford paper but there will be some Foma boxes coming my way.

Fomabrome Variant 111 is a fiber base baryta paper. It’s a cooler ton and the tonality is very pleasant with nice deep black. The surface is gloss with a beautiful sheen to it. Easy to print and the sensitivity are equal to the RC paper and other Ilford paper I use.

Fomatone MG Classic 131 are a fiberbased baryta paper with a warm tone. It’s a chlorobromide paper and they say it’s specially made for the use of contact printing and for lith processes. It’s a very slow paper, it took me three test strips to understand how slow. When I printed the same picture on Fomabrome the exposure time was 35 sec and on this paper it was 120 sec for an almost equal exposure. It was not as easy to print on an enlarger but the result was very nice. The same gloss and sheen as Fomabrome and it’s a pleasure to hold it and feel the print.

All in all, I’m very pleased with all three paper and in my darkroom Ilford have gotten a competitor:)

Ilford Multigrade RC
Fomaspeed Variant 311 RC
Fomabrom Variant 111 Fiber base
Fomatone MG Classic 131 Fiber base

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