Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

Good thing

that I use to shoot graffiti strait on. Handy to have when aligning my enlarger so paper and negative are parallel. It was a bit off but with the help off a glass plate and a digital spirit level I could dial in the enlarger rather well. I didn’t align it to the base plate but to my Saunders easel. Thats the only easel I use and in my world it must be better to have that parallel then the base plate. I only move it side ways and in and out, never turn it so if the easel are a bit of it’s the same as long as I don’t turn it. My other option are to make the easel parallel to the base board and then align the enlarger head to that, when I think of it that may be the right way to go if I ever would use another easel. I can always change my mind later:)

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