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Got nine rolls developed today

Mostly from the latest trip to Gotland, got a couple of more rolls waiting for another day. It was a wide range of cameras used, Contax T2, Voightländer R2m, Hasselblad 500cm, Debonair 645 and Mamiya RZ67. Good to see I use most of my cameras regularly. On the film side it was not that wide, Tmax 100 in 120 that I’m leaving for Ilford FP4 just cleaning the stock, TriX in 120 and Ilford HP5 in 135. I will still shoot TriX in 120 parallel with HP5 but in 135 I’m leaving TriX after a lifetime using it going over to HP5. So in the future I will shoot TriX, HP5 and FP4 in 120 (maybe ditching TriX) and in 135 it will only be Ilford HP5. When I process I do it in tanks of three rolls and if I shoot to many different stocks there is always one single roll that have to wait so I will try this out and see if it makes processing easier. Shooting with just a few filmstocks makes it easier to anticipate the result, I process all films in Kodak HC110 so that also simplifies the process. It’s always fun with different film and developer but it will be a test, but hey, I always do as I want anyways so who knows, roles are for fools:)

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