Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

Had me a gallry run

today. It’s Saturday and it was two openings on Alfhemsgatan in Gothenburg, Galleri ELF and ArtPhotoCollection. On my way home I made a stop at Hasselblad Center and the exhibition Encounters – Nordic Photography Beyond Borders(can’t wait to see Daido Moriyama there) and the bookstore at the art museum. There are a couple of picture made by Ellen Hamlet that stuck on me and a couple of others made by Anna Edlund. Four pictures from three exhibitions? There can be many reasons, they was the only good in my taste or there was three good exhibitions but these four pictures was extremely good. What ever, for me those four was worth 100km in my truck, pictures that get me inspire, don’t matter where or how many. It can be four in a gallery or one on a wall.

180501 Kreuzberg, Leica M6, Ilford HP5 @ 1600, HC110

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