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Last when I stocked up

some supply I ordered a bottle of Adox Neutol ECO to try out. What a flop. I mixed it and it locked fine the first six papers of 13×18 and then it was hopeless to get any blacks. I was afraid I had contaminated the developer so I mixed a new batch and as before, the six first papers turned out good ant then the same loss of blacks. When I checked the date on the bottle it was over oner year old from production so I went to the web for some answer. One Adox rep said that the one liter bottles had better shelf life then the small one, mine was 500ml so I guess I found the problem. I had some hope that this ECO developer could find a place in my darkroom but I´m not so shore any more. Next week I’m doing a trip to Stockholm for some other business and I will visit the store I bought it in and see what they say. Until then I will go back to Ilford dev and get me some proper blacks:) To be continued!

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