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Two high quality magazines

came with the postman this week. Katalog is a photographic journal with well curated photography by the Danish fellow Jens Friis. The next are the more analogue specific magazine The Fix, web based with good content. If you are interested you can check out their website or Facebook page where you also can subscribe.

I have been a subscriber of the Katalog since I met Jens at Landskrona Foto Festival last summer. The tree issues I got to read so far have been among the most interesting I found in a long time, very high quality both in content and print. The Fix have I been following on the web for some time but decided to order the last special issue. And man am I impressed, such a good content and the print quality are on the top. I will buy this as long as they are able to come out with new issues. If you are at least some interested in photography one or both of these are worth to check out. Buy your self a Christmas subscription, the best gifts comes from yourself or hint someone you know;)



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