I have been blogging every day strait since 2009 on papac.se. Mixed my digital photography, my work with the analog photography, my passion. Time have change photography many times in history, some for the better and some for the worse. When I began in the mid 1970 it was film all the way, the learning process took it´s time, it was long between shooting and seeing the result and then learn to be better. Today it is instant feedback and the learning curve are in most cases steep. I have never seen so many good young photographer as now and thats a good thing with digital photography. The downside, at least for me are the tempo everything is done with. As fast as you can shoot and show your photo as fast they lose interest. The lifetime of a photo are short, both in interest and in actual life. Many photos dissapear i hard disk crashes and are seldom printed.

When digital come I jump the train fast and it have been some interesting years, but now I have more and more start shooting analog again. There is something special with the process that are hard to explain but I will try in coming posts. So for me it has become the peakmoment. Digital have made good analog cameras affordable and I can now shoot with cameras of the highest caliber, cameras and lenses I only could dream of when I was younger. Gear are not what makes good pictures, I know that, but it´s good to be able to use the best when the best are needed. But as many other photographer I´m a bit of a gearhead. I love the feeling of good  crafted mechanics, the sound of a shutter and the feeling when cranking the film. So bare with me, it will be a lot of pictures, gear, books, links and other fun stuff, I do it for fun and hope you like it, if not it´s ok to;)