Compact cameras

I must say that I only shoot with one compact camera if I don´t count the half formats. I did buy a Contax T2 and man it fitted so good in my hand and pocket that I never have looked for anything else. It´s a  sturdy camera even if I have worn one out, the black paint. When that one stopped working I immediately bought another. Could`t find a black paint that I think are the one to have, very rare, so I got me a champagne colored that will do. I have talked with Bellamy Hunt over at Japan Camera Hunter and he got  a great idea to use the champagne one as a donar for the black. Cameras are a bit as us humans;)

The T2 got all I need from a compact. Splendid lens, a Carl Zeiss Sonnar 38/2,8, aperture priority, flash, EV compensating, auto and manual focus. The body are titanium and can stand some abuse, this is important for  me as I always carry it around in my pocket, hand or belt. The only downpart for me is that the film goes from the right over to left and make my neg sleeves a little awkward whit the framnumber. No biggie but in all my other cameras  the film cartridge puts in on the left side and the exposed film takes up on the right.

If I should recommend a compact camera this is the one. Maybe I have to buy me a couple of extra because there is no way to send them in for repair. The T3, a never model can still be repaired at least in Japan. If you want to read more about this camera there are tons of information on the web and as Bellamy at JCH are a big fan of it he got a good article over there and he also have a good article about other premium compacts. In the compact world I think the premium segment are the place to look. There are lots of usable compact but why bother with the almost best or even worse, the less good ones. Go for the best if you find them, or go for the other if they give you the photos you want, coz in the end thats what matters.

Contax T2 on Fuji FP100C expired in a Mamiya RZ67