Film SLR stays mostly on the shelf

Sorry to say but I don´t shoot these cameras very much. They have come in-between. It was what I started out with but now I manly shoot my Contax T2 or Leica M6 when it comes to 35mm film and then it´s a jump to medium format.

I like SLR´s, I like them very much. They are easy to use and give very good results and I have good lenses also. The Konicas are well worn, they have been with me since they was new and I used to carry at least the T4 with me every where so they have a big sentimental value for me.

The Nikon F2 are probably the best SLR ever made and that what I grab today if m in for some mirror slap. The Miranda are only sentimental value, it was the first camera I saved to my self, not this particular but exactly the same body and lens.