Now to some serious cameras. My first rangefinder was a Leica M2 back in the eighties. I was so curios, the masters at the time, Christer Strömholm in particular, was faithful Leica shooter so it was something magic over the brand. There are few brand that get such a lojal group of followers, I can just think of Apple and Leica but I guess there are more. The M2 was something special but the whole rangefinder experience did´t hook me then. I had some accidents with it, dropped it in the pavement but to be honest I think I was more interested in party during that period. The camera got more time on the shelf then in action so I turned up trading it for a computer. I think this is the worst trade I have done in my life but on the other hand my photography was not so active and I did learn to use the computer as a tool and thats a good thing to.

When my photography woke up aging I always had that nagging feeling about that camera. Now I was ready for rangefinders, maybe everything have it´s time. I got a used Voigtlander R2m, a very good camera. The joy of a small and silent camera was priceless, every roll I shot  aaas with a smile. But back in my mind was always that what if. When I have that ”what if” going in my head I know there is no return. Found me a used Leica M6 for a good price and now I´m back where I started but whit a newer model.

The Voigtlander are good but compared to a Leica it don`t feel that solid and smooth. When you hold a Leica you realize that is built to last, there is quality in everything. Every part are perfect, cranking the film is smooth, no sounds just silent. It fit my hands perfectly and I can’t think of photography without it. Many people have testified that the M6 are the bet of them all, it may be true but there are so many camps fighting for what they praise and I think all are right, whats best for you are the best camera.

I don´t want to be another fanboy so I don´t brag that much about what I shoot. I tape all my cameras as I always have, black gaffer or electric tape does wonder on all cameras and then you can concentrate on the pictures, because thats what it all about. The camera are a tool and the tool that works for you are the tool you gonna use. If a FED 5 is your thing lucky you, I bought one for fun and as a cool thing to use as an accessory on the shelf, it works and it going to go some Tri-X through it but it will never compete with the M6.

The lenses I use are 35/1,4 and a 50/2. The 35 are the one that is on most of the time, I´m so used to that focallength I know exactly what it will give me and I can easily frame without locking through the viewfinder.

Leica M6, Voigtlander R2m, FED 5

Leica M6, Voigtlander R2m, FED 5

Barcelona street, Leica M6, TriX 400@1600, Rodinal 1:50

Barcelona Leica M6, TriX 400@1600 Rodinal 1:50

Barcelona Leica M6, TriX 400@400 Rodinal 1:50