Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

Got a delivery

from Macodirect today. Super fast and to a good price. For the first time i got Ilford HP5 i 35mm, TriX has been my go to film for as long as I can remember but as Ilford have a dedicated approach to the film community I will give them my support as well. In the package was also HP5 in 8×10 and some 8×10 direkt positive paper. Did a workshop in direct positive paper developed in caffenol with Lorenzö and Jaana at Cahute studio and I really liked the result. So as soon as my Intrepid 8×10 are in my hands the rat are gonna get a dip in coffey.


150530 Toyo 45, Fujinon 210/5,6@11 polaback, Fuji FB3000B

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