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Inspiration or copy?

I like to see other photographers pictures, on exhibitions or in books, and get some inspiration. Even from photographers that are far from my kind of photography I find inspiration. I was talking to Gerry Johansson and told him that I got inspiration from his work to my interior work I do for a living. He did not understand but for me it’s how he arrange and compose a feeling that make me think different.

Now when I got the big volume by Gunnar Smoliansky I ran into a picture that got me think that I had copied his work. I get great inspiration from him and some of our subjekt matter are kind of in the same ballpark. But what I did was not a attempt to copy, I don’t even know if I have seen that picture before but there is a close resemblance. When I see a picture my memory stacks the feeling but not so much the picture itself. I have a hard time describe a picture from a specific photographer, even them I studied a lot like Christer Strömholm, Anders Petersen or Gunnar Smoliansky. It’s all about feeling and mood.

So I don’t wanna copy others work but I find big joy in getting some inspiration and then try to go my own way and find the small gold nuggets laying around all over the world, just for me to pick up:)

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