Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

All this went down

Konica T4 Kodak TriX 400@200

There was a block full of old houses, worn but they really got beauty. Today there are a block full of concrete ugliness. I guess money talks. Happy I got some pictures from here, must have been 1979-1980 or something. Thats what I like with analog film, you can take an old negative and make a print 40 years later. With digital I don’t think I could have open the file today. My father gave me some of his old negative from 1950 and on and it was fun to make print of him and his family. This is one of the reasons I still want film in my cameras and not a chip. I shoot digital all day long at work and spend the rest of my time at the computer to make them ready for my clients. I don’t think these pictures will be of any interest in 50 years but family picture would be of interest. From me there will be negative left and I will try to learn my grandchildren, if they want, to use a darkroom.

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