Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

Broken but just mended

I got a little breakdown on my Speed Graphic. The focal plane shutter curtain ripped off and the shutter was useless. The focal plane shutter are the reason I got a Speed Graphic so that was a bummer. I went out on the web hunting for a replace curtain but they was few, old and far away or new and very expensive. I found material and instructions for making a new one but I am not that confident in picking apart a camera and getting it all together to a working one so I put that one the list for future project.

But there are people with big experience of these cameras so I contacted Vegar Moen and he had a solution fitting an old punk like a beer in the hand. Tape! What would the world be without tape, people laugh at me as I always have a small roll of gaffers tape in my pocket, but hey, tape can do wonder. Vegar gave me a link to a tape he used for this and for fixing light leaks on bellows, a opaque, very thin and strong material. So now the camera are up and running, I was very accurate lining up the curtain and get as good fit I possible could. Big THANK YOU to Vegar who helped me out quick and easy.

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