Head on a stick


/c    GillaGilla Laddar...

My oldest


son and his girl stopped by on the trip down to Copenhagen from the north of Norway. Happy to have them.  /c    GillaGilla Laddar...

He came riding

Film 117

from the north of Norway. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Sons are coming home

Film 100 Konica T4 TriX 400@400

one after the other. Tomorrow this little guy, but today a big man. I´m kind of blessed whit so many kids. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

The harbor

130414  Gunnared, Voigtlander R2m, 35/1,4, TriX400@320 Rodinal 1:50

/c GillaGilla Laddar...

For a long time

121109 Contax T2, Rydal Museum, TriX400@1600 skrapad DX-kod, Rodinal 1:50

I have been looking back on earlier work. Partly because I have´t had time to shoot and process so much analog. I have been shooting […]

From the bay


to the bend of our small gravel road. /c GillaGilla Laddar...


20120510 Canon Dial 35-2, TmaX 400@400, Rodinal 1:50

is this boy coming home to his parents. Haircut? Maybe:) /c GillaGilla Laddar...


Film 107 Konica T4 TriX 400@400

/c GillaGilla Laddar...


Film 107 Konica T4 TriX 400@400

many of them. /c GillaGilla Laddar...