Arkiv (månadsvis): maj 2014

A skull

from some time ago where I got the tonality as I wanted. /c

One of my many

pattern picture. Looking for pattern makes me see the word in another way. /c


as it can be with medium format. /c

I like it

but it have been up before but good things can get used again:) The structure of mud on the Willys pickup in center, the faces of the guys in the small Willys further back. The are a relation that compliment each other well, at least […]


can be such fun and it´s impressing what you can do when all four drive you forward. And when it fail there is always a winch or something to help. /c

My youngest son

got to vote for the first time today in the EU parliament election and now he gonna play a game in the senior football team. They grow fast:) /c

A stroll

in Barcelona at night, El Raval at it´s best. /c

Close up


Just standing there


Old stuff