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Nikon collection

on display. /c

Another camera collection

on medium format instant film. This time my SLR´s. /c

I´m happy

when someone want to try out analog photography but more happy when it is my own kids. Lent one of my boy a nice Nikon F2 with a 35/2,0 and a couple of rolls of TriX. Can´t wait to get them developed, he got the […]


on a sunday. /c

A classic camera

maybe one of the best 35mm slr ever made. I got a black one and used it to shoot this chrome F2, for me black is the way to go. The only chrome cameras I got are the ones never made in black, it does´t […]

One is a button

and the other one is a fossil. Nature create. /c

We are almost there

It´s that time of year here in Sweden, we are preparing for a long and cold winter. It´s not here yet but when it comes I´m ready. Ready but not with a smile, winter are the worst time of the year for me. My body aches […]