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Digging in my old negatives

and found an forgotten picture of my daughter in -84:) /c


is here for the first time this year and the visitors from the island ae going back by plane. /c


day in an English garden. /c

And another one

from midsummer, this time two brothers. /c

Hugo the spinner

One of my cool grandchildren make an midsummer spin. /c

Daughter and wife


And here he is

or what he could have been. The legend of King Arthur. /c


pix coming up! /c


high up in the sky. /c

Fathers day

in Sweden, don´t know if it´s the same in Denmark but there are my granddaughter and my son, the new father:) BTW, it´s another reason for this day to be big. It´s three years since I started this blog and every day there have been […]