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Got some left

in the cooler. /c

Door lock


Another camera collection

on medium format instant film. This time my SLR´s. /c

Instant framing

and today the Kickstarter project for new 55 instant 4×5 positive/negativ film got successfully funded, a big day for analog and larg format photography. And off course am I one of the backer, I jumped on as soon as it started. /c

First day

of the month and the wheels keep rolling. /c

Beautiful old

book, not much for the title but the craftmanship are hard to find today. /c

My father

My 3 boys and 2 grandchildren framed in my instant frame hanging in the kitchen. The frame are an old window with a chicken net where I put all instant photos on display. A fun and constantly changing frame. /c

Probably my last

photo on a Fuji FP-100B ever. It´s kind of make me sad to see stocks of film disappear from the market but thats the reality we have to face. There is only one thing we can do if we want to shoot on analog film […]

My last pack

of Fuji FP100B are in the camera. Have it in a polaback to my Mamiya RZ67. The 100B are a really nice film with a smooth tonality and pleasing contrast. When this pack is done there will only be 3000B as long as that last. […]

It´s a day of celebration

My youngest son Oliver turns 18, that little boy are now grown up. It´s strange how quick those years have gone, it make me also old and a bit worn like a old Lambretta. Got a load of Fuji FP3000B from FPP store over in […]