Arkiv (månadsvis): juni 2015


feathers on a bed of moss. Sound like a menu. /c

Scanner software

are a strange thing. When all other softwares get greater user interface and better workflow capability scanner software are old school as if they was made in DOS in late 1990. Terrible workflow and ugly. I have used two of the more capable ones, VueScan and […]

Scanning with Epson 750

and I´m not happy with the film flatness in the holder. Tried to put the film between two anti newton glass and to get to the correct hight I had to make my own carrier in cardboard. Film flatness are the biggest hazzel for a […]

One more

from our garden. /c

Lights off


Another take

on that flower I posted a couple of days ago. /c


with a Rollieflex. First roll turned out ok. I have another Rollieflex that I will test out next to se how the shutter and lens behave. To the eye and ear it seams ok but you never know with old cameras. /c

Doors are closed

but thats ok. Testing out a Rollieflex T. /c

Another 500CM

from the first test roll. /c

First one

with the 500CM. /c