Arkiv (månadsvis): november 2013



The attitude

are important, it can overcome a lot off hard things. /c


and I have en book ”Resa i svartvitt” with picture of the Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm, text by Lasse Söderberg. It´s from a one month trip they did back in 1962 in Spain. It was meant to be a book back then but first now […]


by the computer, job have to be done and delivered. Have that discipline, work before pleasure. Lots of my personal analog work must wait but usually can I get a couple of hours each day. Got a mail from the customs, my latest order of […]

A walk in the alleys

can lead to interesting things. Both danger and fun. When I walk a city I always trust my gutfeeling, it use to work rather good. There have been times where I found my self in a place with no return, the street are to creepy […]

Watching the waves

I can do it for hours. I think all people over the globe have the same feeling for water and fire, two of the essentials. /c

We are almost there

It´s that time of year here in Sweden, we are preparing for a long and cold winter. It´s not here yet but when it comes I´m ready. Ready but not with a smile, winter are the worst time of the year for me. My body aches […]

Taking a break

from work can do wonders. I got some text up and are starting the next with a mindwriting. It´s the normal way for me, I plan it in my mind and when I finally sits down and type it there will just be smaller adjustment. […]

The weekend

can start. Have some texts in the pipe that I hope I can finish this weekend, I write on one about 35mm but it´s hard because  sidetracks are many. Let´s see how it turns out when it´s ready. /c

It´s vernissage

at Abecita in Borås today. Sandra Freij and Mats Andersson are opening their exhibitions today at 18.30. I better wash up and drive over there. The vernissage at Abecita are a good place to be, I don´t know many in the Borås photo community but […]