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Two stars

shot with a Canon Dial. half frame to full frame. /c



Shitty weather

today, was on my way to town but not a chance, Rain are coming sideways in the storm. /c

I think

this one, or two, have been up before. Smooth 4×5. /c

The harbor


For a long time

I have been looking back on earlier work. Partly because I have´t had time to shoot and process so much analog. I have been shooting but the postings I done are of earlier ones. It have been interesting and I have learned a lot by […]

From the bay

to the bend of our small gravel road. /c


is this boy coming home to his parents. Haircut? Maybe:) /c


thats what I think of every time I see this sculpture. I pass it several times every week and shot it a couple of times. Not long ago did they do a makeover on it so it`s time for a revisit, what better time then […]