Arkiv (månadsvis): september 2014

Like a wave

have the sand been formed by the water. /c

Nice to have

neighbors with barley field. Mamiya RZ with Tmax 400 make an nice pair. /c

First attempt

of stand developing. Mixed up my film holders and  exposed Fomapan 100 as HP5 400. When I did stumble on an article about stand developing I thought this would be a great opportunity to try it out. This is a 4×5 exposed as it should, Fomapan […]

Looking back


At the side

of a tree. /c


and tones, what a beautiful combination. /c

A hole

in the bottom. /c


at me? /c

In serious

need of a haircut, got reminded when I found this one. /c

Large format

in my backyard. /c