Arkiv (månadsvis): juni 2014

A face from the past

It was 1985 and the place was London, a fun trip with my father and a couple of cameras. /c

From the 80

something. Lack some exif data on my old film:) /c


together. /c

The last one

, end of pack or just plain friday. /c

More Fuji FP100-C

that past it´s best before date. I kind of like it but you can´t plan your picture, the outcome are totally random, but thats the beauty of it. /c

Old expired

Fuji FP-100C can make some interesting colors. /c

Last summer

did I some nice portrait with fabrics in front of my grandson. I think it turned out well so when they are coming tomorrow I will make a new attempt and new fabrics. Did one last week and with hard shadows it almost looked like […]

A corner

that had an important roll at WW2 as a anti nazi newspaper. Today it´s just a building and no paper. /c


market in Barcelona. /c

PX 100 UV+

Silver Shade, got my last pack from The Impossible Project out of the cooler. Will be interesting to see what have happen with the new edition they have out now. It´s getting better and better for every batch, time to order. /c