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Beside my father

there is one man that made my interest for photography a big part of my life. When I was a small kid I could sit hour after hour looking true my fathers photo album. I don´t know how many times I sat looking on the […]

Got a delivery

from Macodirect today. Super fast and to a good price. For the first time i got Ilford HP5 i 35mm, TriX has been my go to film for as long as I can remember but as Ilford have a dedicated approach to the film community […]

Last years view

from my room i Landskrona. New room booked for this years Landskrona Photo Festival, lots of interesting things this year to and the program are up on their site. I will start of with a large format portrait workshop, large format on positive paper developed […]

Two high quality magazines

came with the postman this week. Katalog is a photographic journal with well curated photography by the Danish fellow Jens Friis. The next are the more analogue specific magazine The Fix, web based with good content. If you are interested you can check out their website or Facebook page […]

Hated and feared

by some, loved and admired by many. Thats how you get shot dead in the streets. /c

Some walls

takes time. /c

Big names

inspirations for many. /c

Debonair magic

I have many cameras, the best of the best and lenses that match them as well. Leica, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Rollieflex, Nikon, Contax and so on. One camera that surprises me time after time are not one of them. It´s a cheap plastic camera from some […]

Landskrona Photo Festival

For the third year will Landskrona Photo Festival take place in the south of Sweden. A strategic place for visitors from the Nordic countries as well as the other European. This year the festival will go on for over a week, from aug 20 to aug 30. […]

Bottle windows

and clay walls. Thats better then many paintings. /c