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Foot loose


From a

test of scanner software, this by Silverfast and some editing in Silver EfexPro. /c


feathers on a bed of moss. Sound like a menu. /c

Scanning with Epson 750

and I´m not happy with the film flatness in the holder. Tried to put the film between two anti newton glass and to get to the correct hight I had to make my own carrier in cardboard. Film flatness are the biggest hazzel for a […]

Lights off



with a Rollieflex. First roll turned out ok. I have another Rollieflex that I will test out next to se how the shutter and lens behave. To the eye and ear it seams ok but you never know with old cameras. /c

Doors are closed

but thats ok. Testing out a Rollieflex T. /c

Bad hairday?

Don´t lose your head, it could be worse. /c

Pick up

placed in a back yard. It´s a big pleasure when I run in to these things. /c