Arkiv (månadsvis): januari 2017




said to me that get a job and a haircut. I got a job but still need a haircut, until then the wool comes from animal. /c

Jam session

on a balcony at Marstrand. /c


England. /c

With a beer

in the hand, mother and son:) /c

That wall again

I did a lot of variations on the one;) /c


pix coming up! /c

I have a weakness

for buildings of all kind, both new and the ones that are a little bit worn. I some cases you can feel the history and the people who lived or worked there. Sometimes it´s just a cool construction that catch may interest. /c

Far from summer

but it will come. Scouting Wales on Youtube for an upcoming trip. /c


the new hot thing in our house. /c