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Wide and unsharp but my home


My home

true a pinhole. /c

Double exposure

with intention? No way, thats my rookie mistake as pinhole photographer but I think the sky got more interesting. They say one time is a mistake but ten time a style. Let´s see whats coming. /c

Another panorama

from my 6×12 pinhole camera. A old stone bridge in Hyssna. The Noon camera gives a heavy vignette, it can be useful if I learn to master it. /c

My home

through a pinhole, f240 and 10 sec and no lens. I will explore the pinhole thing. /c

My first attempt with pinhole photography

and I manage to do a lot of mistakes on the first roll. Double exposure, forgot to wind the film, mixed up the frame number, did´t move the lens lid enough. At least I got the exposure spot on for the moody feeling I was […]