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Packing for my Berlin trip

and realise that my gear  this time have a clear German connection, Rollieflex, Leica, Voightlander, Contax and some US and British involvement as it used to be. /c  

Got some left

in the cooler. /c

Scanner software

are a strange thing. When all other softwares get greater user interface and better workflow capability scanner software are old school as if they was made in DOS in late 1990. Terrible workflow and ugly. I have used two of the more capable ones, VueScan and […]

Nikon collection

on display. /c

More geek picture

This time on one of the best small cameras ever made I think. Contax T2, so sharp and the exposures are almost always perfect. Fit in my pocket and and it´s a good feeling to have such a good tool with me when I´m just […]

Another camera collection

on medium format instant film. This time my SLR´s. /c

I´m in a slow

period, photographically. Have a lot of projects going on and it´s been hard to get time for photography, except for work of course. Got a couple a cameras loaded and I take a shot here and there but not in a concentrated way and in […]

Scanned Fuji FP3000B negative

of my Canon and Bell&Howell Dial collection. /c

Geek me?

Maybe. One part of the joy shooting old cameras are the mechanics of them. Whit this collection of Canon Dial and Bell&Howell Dial there are as much the funky design, the mechanics and the fact that they are all in good working condition. They was first […]

First attempt

of stand developing. Mixed up my film holders and  exposed Fomapan 100 as HP5 400. When I did stumble on an article about stand developing I thought this would be a great opportunity to try it out. This is a 4×5 exposed as it should, Fomapan […]