From half frame to 8X10, from idea to print

Here I will write about the gear I use, about workflow, DIY, books, technique or anything else I think I have an opinion and/or knowledge about. It certainly  will be a work in progress as everything else her, as english are not my first language there can be some issues but I will do my best to make as correct as I can. I use english as a way of self education and keep it fresh, I´m mostly autodidact and schools are  not my cup of tea so I have my strategies;) I will post about new material on the frontpage, but I can miss it, so if this interest you it could be a good idea to look in on this page once in a wile.

In the darkroom

Printing by F-stops


35mm, the starting point for my photography.

Short text about my half frame cameras and how I use them.

A short one about my choice of compact.

A bit about my rangefinders and how I found the right one

Film SLR stays mostly on the shelf