Arkiv (månadsvis): december 2014

I leave my chair

and go down ending 2014 with my wife. Happy New Year, 2015 gonna be awesome for analog photographers!!! /c

Our saw mill have arrived

in pieces. Boxes of parts and a instruction book for assembling. Now I have some work to do for a couple of days fitting all the pieces together. /c

Polaroid SX 70

loaded with TIP Silver Shade for the second day. I shot it with my iPhone just for fun and edit it in the phone. Not a serious attempt to do something epic but I kind of like the result. /c

Our house

in winterland on some SX70 B&W from The Impossible Project. Got some nasty Newton rings when I scanned on my Epson V750, the shiny surface on the picture are not always nice to have. /c

I´m happy

when someone want to try out analog photography but more happy when it is my own kids. Lent one of my boy a nice Nikon F2 with a 35/2,0 and a couple of rolls of TriX. Can´t wait to get them developed, he got the […]

Having a

good time but there is still time for a little post. /c

I scanned

some family photos for my father. Nice old paper copies but there had to be some retouching to make them shine. I have sent them to some relatives but it would be nice to have a way to share and let others add metadata to […]

Merry Christmas


Day before

the day. Allmost all the kids are home in the nest waiting. /c