Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

Geek me?

Maybe. One part of the joy shooting old cameras are the mechanics of them. Whit this collection of Canon Dial and Bell&Howell Dial there are as much the funky design, the mechanics and the fact that they are all in good working condition. They was first introduced 1963 as Canon Dial 35 and in the US as Bell&Howell/Canon Dial 35. In 1968 the Canon Dial 35-2 came and the same camera was sold in the US as Bell&Howell 35. From that Bell&Howell production a Swedish company, Fotofynd AB, bought a big number and branded with their logo. In my collection I got them all but the Bell&Howell/Canon Dial 35. I have never seen one for sale but maybe one day. The price for the Dials varies from €15 to €160 in 2014. Many are not in functional condition as the spring that wind the film have been torn so the the description of them are often ”as is”. Any how a funny little camera and I use the to do in camera diptych and triptych. The frames are then vertical, one after the other, and it´s a fun challenge to combine them in camera instead of paste them together later.


Canon Dial 35 Bell&Howell half frame collection

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