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Hand held

shot on x-ray. It´s safe to stay at grandpa´s, or? /c

Some times

a digital file with som filmlike adjustments kan make a feeling you are looking for. What I don´t get is the time of uncertainty until the film is processed. Thats not a small part, thats one big advantage you almost only can get from film. […]

Two high quality magazines

came with the postman this week. Katalog is a photographic journal with well curated photography by the Danish fellow Jens Friis. The next are the more analogue specific magazine The Fix, web based with good content. If you are interested you can check out their website or Facebook page […]

Vivian Maier

what an extra ordinary photographer. I had the pleasure to see her picture at Hasselblad Center in Gothenburg. On display was mostly her black and white street photo, 6×6 from a Rollieflex. Fantastic to see and more fanatic that she did this for her own […]

Instant framing

and today the Kickstarter project for new 55 instant 4×5 positive/negativ film got successfully funded, a big day for analog and larg format photography. And off course am I one of the backer, I jumped on as soon as it started. /c

My father

My 3 boys and 2 grandchildren framed in my instant frame hanging in the kitchen. The frame are an old window with a chicken net where I put all instant photos on display. A fun and constantly changing frame. /c