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Tintagle view


Living on the edge


More coastline

can´t get enough. From Tintagle this time /c  

Lands End

and today is the day when UK are gonna leave EU, at least the day when day hand over  the paper that they want out. Interesting to see how this will turn out. /c

Rocky coastline

at Lands End, Cornwall. /c

Tintagle view

in another version. /c

And here he is

or what he could have been. The legend of King Arthur. /c

What a king to be

could see looking out. The legend says that King Arthur was born at Tintagle Castle, truth will never come I think. Nice place to walk around and I manage to walk in front of the other 500 cm that was there that day. The shutter sound […]

Stone face


Far away

from Trumpland, but over there it is. /c