Arkiv (månadsvis): januari 2014


here I come. /c

The door to my old

office, my new are going to be closed for a couple of days. I forgot, I have no door now. Any how, office are closed. /c

Two years back

and many rolls have gone thru my cameras. Now I load up my bag with film and cameras for a fun weekend. /c

Time are often

the limit so I pull some stuff out of the archive again. /c

One of my

favorite pictures the last couple of years. Depressing? Maybe. /c

The theme

continue. /c

A pile

off undone work are gathering on my desk. When I work I go all in and give at least 100%, when I´m lazy it´s the same and thats where I been for a couple off days. Better work on it;) /c


stones and other stuff. /c


and stones. I can spend hours just looking at it and with a camera can I revisit the moment again and again. /c

Scanning my way

back in time. Røros was the place where we stopped on our trip to Nord Kap in the very north of Norway. /c