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I think

this one, or two, have been up before. Smooth 4×5. /c

No horses sneeking

up in my back. /c

In my backyard


That skull again

but in a new frame. If that cow are dead there are something thats not dead. Film are  far from dead. Even if many of the big companies seems to hesitate there are other that are full of believe. Today Ferrania got fully funded in […]

Not even

the hardest of thunderstorms could kill this phone. It was jumping and ringing when flashes hit the lines but still working. They made things different way back. /c

4×5 smooth


First attempt

of stand developing. Mixed up my film holders and  exposed Fomapan 100 as HP5 400. When I did stumble on an article about stand developing I thought this would be a great opportunity to try it out. This is a 4×5 exposed as it should, Fomapan […]

Large format

in my backyard. /c

Large format details


The leaf

from the other day when moving closer with my Zone VI. It´s almost like an photo from a airplane. /c