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processed, skanned and tweeked. It´s an hybrid. /c

Behind our house

there are calfs, they where more then interested of what I was doing in their place. All around me buffing on the tripod and if I had let them they would have been under the darkcloth, now I can only see them in the lower […]


from yesterdays batch. /c

Merry Christmas

what ever bar you are in. /c

I think

this one, or two, have been up before. Smooth 4×5. /c

Not so good

Really don`t know what I was thinking. /c


out some new things, but the same apple;) /c

Another day

and the seeds are dropping. /c

There have been a change

in the setup. My apple have got a friend, the light are window light and the composition are different. All for the better:) /c

Time goes

it´s 4 days in now. /c