Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10

My first attemt

on making paper negative. Inspired by Borut Peterlin I had to give it a try myself. My old trusty skull on a white paper backdrop in my office, light is a 6000K LED panel above. I metered with a light meter at iso 4 and got my exposure, what I heard thats not the correct way as the paper lacks sensitivity for a lot of color waves from red to yellow and most sensitive to the blue spectrum. I think I got it right thanks to my light source at 60000K, I will test this with daylight and see whats happen, even if daylight can vary a lot depending of day, time of day and reflecting colors. Life is a work in progress:)

I shot on a Intrepid 8×10 with a Fujinon W 210/5,6 @ f/11. The paper I used was a RC Rollei Vintage No.311 and developed it in a couple of days old Ilford MG developer. Contactprinted it on Foma FB paper, Fomabrom Variant 111 at grade 5, I tried softer filter but didn’t get what I wanted. I have read that paper negative gives contrasty result so I’m suprised that I hade to use grade 5, it can have to to with my light at exposure.

Fiber paper are still in the rinse so this is scanned paper negative inverted in PS. Must say I’m pretty impressed on what can come out of a paper negative. I will add the contact printed final image as soon as it’s dry and flatten, it’s not as crisp as the scanned negative but what I have seen it looks good, far better then I expected.

Inverted paper negative
Scanned paper negative
Print on FB paper from paper negative

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