Arkiv (månadsvis): februari 2015


bling. /c


and a bit under exposed, it happens when the only settings are shade or sun I guess. After this one have I taken it to another level, I have one Debonair loaded with 400 and another with 100 film. It´s low tech;) /c



Concrete and bricks


One step

closer to shooting some film. Both an M6 and a Debonair are in my daily workbag. /c

A walk in the sun

for some. Here we got another snowstorm that made my work a bit hard. /c

It all started long time ago

I picked up my first camera as a pre teen and I still shoot as often as I can. Every day at work  and when my jobs are done I put the digital cameras down and take on some nice cameras loaded with film. Not […]

My body

are screaming for shooting with some of  all my analog cameras. Medium format, large format, pinhole panorama or just some small frame with my Contax or Leica. I just can´t get the time to focus and give it what I want, I have so many […]


and stuff all over the place. Street fleemarket in Barcelona, a place I will visit again for some serious shooting. /c


of yesterdays wall. /c