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I think

this one, or two, have been up before. Smooth 4×5. /c

No horses sneeking

up in my back. /c

In my backyard


That skull again

but in a new frame. If that cow are dead there are something thats not dead. Film are  far from dead. Even if many of the big companies seems to hesitate there are other that are full of believe. Today Ferrania got fully funded in […]

Beach scene

a couple of weeks back. /c

Not even

the hardest of thunderstorms could kill this phone. It was jumping and ringing when flashes hit the lines but still working. They made things different way back. /c


where water meets land. /c

4×5 smooth


A version

of a picture I posted a couple of days ago. In my world this one is the better of the two. Small things like the reflection in the top right corner and where the lines start and comes together. /c

Like a wave

have the sand been formed by the water. /c