Arkiv (månadsvis): augusti 2015


on the market. /c

Need to get my hair done

Maybe on a fleemarket in Barcelona. /c

Revisiting old negs



are a language I want to learn. I made an attempt a long time ago but I guess my motivation and ability to stay in school was not the best. My ability to stay in school are the same, maybe the best way for me to learn […]

No party today


Got some order

or at least began to. New page with work in progress so I can see what I have going on. It´s a small light in the dark box of random pictures. /c  

Pose for me

mannequin never says no. /c

Fumble in the dark

What to focus on and how to move forward. /c

Final day

for me at Landskrona Photo Festival and time to hit the road home, the festival will go on for the rest of the week. /c

Day 3

of Landskrona Photo Festival coming up. /c