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An old fern pic


Two days ago

I hade my Yashica TLR, today I got my second Rolleiflex. I bought one at a auction a couple of days ago and placed a bid on another one, low bid as a bargain and did´t think I would get it. Now I have to […]

Won a bidding

on one Rolleiflex and one Rolleicord today. Looks like it´s gonna be some square shots later on. /c

Apple and light

keeps the body healthy. /c

Think of the death

There was a time when the priests was the one everyone listen to. One method of govern was thru fear. You better do right coz you gonna stand in front of god one day. /c

Having a

good time but there is still time for a little post. /c

Merry Christmas


Think of the death

kind of macabre today but once a way to control people. /c

Frame seven

and some more clover. Rather simple, focus in the center and shallow depth of field. Some burning of the edges to even more put the center on spot. I kind of like simple. /c

Frame six

and now are the fern gone, the clover are the main subject. Some nice out of focus moss in  the foreground and background. There are some distracting sticks in the upper left and right, I tried to burn in the edges to minimize that. Burning […]