Arkiv (månadsvis): mars 2018

Getting ready

for the waves. /c

Last one

in this batch. /c


starts early when easter coming up. /c

Searching the angle


Well if the road ends

it can take some time to find a new direction. /c

At the end of the road


Full day in the darkroom

Time goes fast in the dark. /c

Started out nice in Darkroom 2.0 today

First day printing in a long time. Contact sheets and some prints. Have a lot of boxes of paper thats been given to me, guess someone had to take a peek, one box was totally fogged. Free is what free is. /c


have an interesting vernissage tomorrow, it´s a bit of a road to drive but I negotiate with my self. /c  


processed, skanned and tweeked. It´s an hybrid. /c