Arkiv (månadsvis): mars 2018


have an interesting vernissage tomorrow, it´s a bit of a road to drive but I negotiate with my self. /c  


processed, skanned and tweeked. It´s an hybrid. /c

Behind our house

there are calfs, they where more then interested of what I was doing in their place. All around me buffing on the tripod and if I had let them they would have been under the darkcloth, now I can only see them in the lower […]


from yesterdays batch. /c

6 rolls pushed TriX

and 6 sheets of 4×5 was the first to be processed in Darkroom 2.0 today when I had my own little releasparty in the dark. Big step forward:) /c

It´s all done

My darkroom ar ready for work. If not today, tomorrow will be the first time to put the lights out and develop some film in this Darkroom 2.0. /c

To completely

block out all light in a door are not so easy. It always seems to come a little shimmer of light. /c

Plumbing, check

electricity, check. Total blackout, tomorrow. Now is the time to move in and get everything at the right place for smooth working in a small space. Must have a radio I think:) /c

Two step forward, one step back

It´s a slippery sloop building a darkroom. Got all water pipes done today but the mixer for cold/warm water had frozen and the big crack was beyond repair:( /c

Dance shoes on;)

When the cat leave the house the rats dance on the table they say. Tomorrow are my wife on her way to Edinburg Yarn Festival and the rats take over the house. Dance shoes? No way, work boots and plumbing in the new darkroom. /c