Arkiv (månadsvis): augusti 2014

Buckets and a bench



on a grandchild. /c

Got a package

from Japan today. A Toyo Field 45A, a couple of Fuji lenses and some other 4×5 stuff, time to unpack ands check it out. /c

A stump

in the swamp. /c

A singel

little one. /c

Tree stones



of rain. The last couple of weeks there have been a little bit more then drops. /c

Been up in the woods

all day, making way for plantation. Lots of mud and fun riding a 4×4. /c

All in my family

was out working on the annual flee market today. Lots of money for the locale football club. /c

Went by

this place again today but had no time to spare. But it will come a day when time are on my side and inspiration are on top. /c