Arkiv (månadsvis): februari 2014

Olof Palme

the Swedish Prime Minister  was killed today 28 years ago. 28 feb 1986, shot in the streets of Stockholm and the shooter are still free, or dead. I was a guard of honor on the funeral and manage to take a couple of pictures from […]


in Barcelona. /c

Climb the wall

at the harbor. /c



Some more

from under the bridge in Stockholm. /c

Under the bridges

in Stockholm. One of my favorite cites all time. This time from 1980 something and I think pattern was a interest of mine already. /c

La bomba!



and no work so I have spent a couple of hours looking at documentaries. Interesting and many plans for coming project spinning in my head. /c



A fjord

far up in Norway on a trip to North Cap long time ago. A trip well worth and I hope I can do it one more time. /c