Photography my way, from half frame to 8×10


and fun.

Yesterday I found a nice Kickstarter project that I supported right away. When I shoot large format and some time medium format I take notes about exposure, where, when and who. EXF data for digital photographer and notes for us. Taking notes are a good part of the process. It make you stop, think and make shore you do what you do as good as you can. I have a paper I done my self whit some standard information that make it easy and so I don´t forget something. What I found on Kickstarter was a project with a printed notebook with all the information I now have on loose paper. Andrew Ranwill are the man behind it and I´m looking forward to follow and evaluate this, maybe even give some input. Check it out if you are interested, he will do one for 35mm, medium format, large format and darkroom.


Film 118

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