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Packing for my Berlin trip

and realise that my gear  this time have a clear German connection, Rollieflex, Leica, Voightlander, Contax and some US and British involvement as it used to be. /c  

When your kids leave home

and you can reclaim the space it´s a god thing to reclaim their old signs when building a new darkroom:) /c

Saying hello

to my youngest grandkid Elliot. /c


is here for the first time this year and the visitors from the island ae going back by plane. /c

Third generation

who live and fixing up an old cottage. Happy to see my kids in action:) /c

And another one

from midsummer, this time two brothers. /c

Daughter and wife



with family. /c

Todays spring flower


Off to celibrate

This little guy. /c