Arkiv (månadsvis): december 2013

The year have come

to an end. Since Nov 13 this site have gone from zero visitors to an average of 236 daily visitors. Not bad for a month and a half but there is a lot of things I still have to do. When I sum up 2014 […]

And the opposite

would be two old cow heads. But they are nice saw well. /c

Waiting for a car

with my daughter and my two grandsons. Coming to end 2013 with us. /c


from Barcelona. I start to get a real collection of bricks in many shapes and forms. /c


needs a safe place to be. Even the cats in Raval. /c

My father

My 3 boys and 2 grandchildren framed in my instant frame hanging in the kitchen. The frame are an old window with a chicken net where I put all instant photos on display. A fun and constantly changing frame. /c

One is a button

and the other one is a fossil. Nature create. /c


Christmas! /c

Day before

and there will be another portrait of one of my grandchildren showing off. /c

The cannonball

have done it´s job this year to. The mustard are ready and the taste are the same as usual, traditions are made to keep. /c